Nuclear Department

The activities of Pöyry Erőterv Zrt. - as the leading electric and heat energetic design and engineering company of Hungary - cover nuclear facilities with energetic, educational and research purpose as well as facilities using fossil or renewable energy and other industrial facilities in the field of design and engineering of power plants.

We execute activities for our Clients in the following engineering branches:

  • Nuclear technology
  • Nuclear protection
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electric technology
  • Electric installation
  • Control engineering
  • Process control
  • Architecture
  • Static
  • Building engineering
  • Interior design
  • Fire-alarm
  • Communication
  • Road construction design
  • Public water utility
  • General organisation
  • Environmental protection
  • Radiological monitoring, radiation protection

As the Contractor or the engineer of the Client or Supplier, we execute complex activities covering several branches in the field of engineering as well as design.

We provide professional support during the below lifecycle of the facilities:

  • Preparation
  • Development
  • Licensing
  • Implementation
  • Operation
  • Plant Upgrades & Life Extension
  • Demolition and Waste storage

The nuclear and environmental protection activities are characterized by the next design and engineering tasks:

  • Preparation of decision supporting and feasibility studies,
  • Construction of investments' conceptual, technical, licence, implementation and as-built plans,
  • Selection and characterisation of site, evaluation of environmental characteristics, impact assessments, preparation of environmental impact studies, assessment (EIA)
  • Preparation of independent expert's report,
  • Making of security analyses, reports
  • Preparation of investments,
  • Execution of development and applied research activities:
    • in the matter of nuclear and radiation safety and technical safety of technological solutions,
    • in the solution of radiation protection problems of workplaces and environment,
    • for security analyses of nuclear and isotope application facilities.

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Nuclear Department is directed by Kálmán Kovács, Head of Department.